Our advanced coding course gained popularity among our students because of our easy to learn curriculum and project-based structure. Our Online Live course can be taken remotely anywhere in North America. Rigelsky believes quality education requires a personal touch. We are one of the very few programs that offer live instruction courses. This means that you and your classmates will have real time access to your instructor. Real time instruction makes our students feel as if they are in a physical classroom which enables them to grasp concepts at a much faster rate than with any other program out there.

The Rigelsky Experience

Whether you are advancing your career or just starting out, Rigelsky can help you get to your next step

Proven Coding Bootcamp

We measure our success by our students’ success. Our program provides fast job placement for our graduates at top companies like Google, Groupon and Amazon.

Comprehensive Career Services

As part of our program, graduates are given an extra boost over his/her competition with our built in resume guidance program with one of our industry expert career advisors.

Passionate, Experienced Instructors

Other bootcamps will have pre-recorded sessions by their instructors. Not at Rigelsky; our instructors teach lives classes are dedicated to small class sizes. Their sole purpose is to focus on your success and education.

Completely Online

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning is going to be a great option to explore. It’s safe, convenient and can be affordable with Rigelsky’s pricing structure. Given the number of variables and unknowns involved in this pandemic, many IT companies will be looking to hire talent who can work remotely.


RigelSky believes an affordable education doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. Our pricing is straightforward with no hidden fees, and no long term contracts. We GUARANTEE you won’t find a better value elsewhere.

How it works

BootCamp is Planned in 4 different steps


This will be covered within first 2 weeks and Pre-requisites.


Here every Individual will be able to understand the terminology and concepts.

Advance Level

Candidate will be able to explain the concepts.


Independently work on an assignment.

Rigelsky’s live online bootcamp will give you a real classroom experience.

Team Work

The program consists of a live instruction, group activity workshops and team projects.

During the coursework, you will be associated with a peer in the training program. Together, you’ll solve programming challenges and double-check each other’s work and have a group discussion with the other teammates in the review sessions to develop the presentation skills.

A Look Into Online Bootcamp Life

You won’t miss out on a real classroom experience with Rigelsky’s live online bootcamp. Your program will consist of a live instruction, group activity workshops and team projects.


Morning Review Session/Instruction

You’ll start your day with an overview of what you learned the day before. Your instructor will review key points and solutions, while allowing you to ask any questions you may have.

Then you’ll begin learning the new curriculum which will build on top of yesterday’s content. The main advantage to the live online bootcamp is that you will be able to ask your instructor for help and get immediate feedback that is critical to learning.



You will spend the remainder of your day working through course content by completing assignments, projects and reviewing the curriculum from each day’s instruction.

Comprehensive Job Placement Services at no cost

After completion of the coding bootcamp, you’ll be offered personal one-on-one guidance by one of our career advisors to help you build the strongest possible resume for the current job market. Our graduates are able to take advantage of this complimentary bonus add-on, one which other programs charge additional fees for.

Rigelsky takes it one step further beyond giving you personalized resume guidance. We will help you get ready for technical interviews and show you the ins and outs of the interview process, helping you land your dream job.

High-Quality Instructors

One of the reasons for our top rank in the country is our inspiring team of instructors, including:

John McDonald
Senior Instructor

John McDonald
Senior Instructor

John McDonald
Senior Instructor

Career Prep

By the time you complete the immersive program, you’ll have everything you need to power your job search and land your dream job as a software engineer:

Github Profile

Employers want to see a strong Github profile—and that is exactly what you will have by the end of the program.

LinkedIn Profile

We’ll help you write a software engineering profile that will really stand out from the crowd (including demo videos of your applications).


You’ll work with our Career Success Team to craft an elegant resume that shows off your skills as a fullstack software engineer.


The immersive program is a challenging and rewarding educational experience.

With an in-depth curriculum spanning computer science fundamentals to front-end and back-end software development, Fullstack is a great environment for motivated, passionate students.

The curriculum does not start at a beginner level, so some programming experience is required to succeed in the course. We recommend checking out our Bootcamp Prep course to see if it’s right for you.

What Are We Looking For?

Passion for Coding

ou’ve demonstrated your passion by beginning to learn on your own and are determined to become a developer whether you get into Fullstack or not.

Culture Fit

We look for students who are considerate, understanding, helpful, and generally pleasant to be around.

Growth Mindset

Whatever you have worked on so far, you’ve strived for excellence. You’re focused on growth for yourself and others.

How we are different

  Competitor #1 Competitor #2 RigelSky
LIVE ONLINE INSTRUCTION (no pre-recorded sessions)
Certified Under 10 Weeks
Resume and Interview Guidance at no Additional Cost
Small Class Sizes
Cost of Program Less than $1000

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